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When you have read Areas Identified: 7 Aspects of Consciousness to a Righteous Mindset, you will find that this is the game-changer that you have been looking for.   There will be no more excuses of not having the information that you need to change your life.  You should stick to the protocols that make up God’s kingdom which are found in this book and commit to the regimen that follows in the next sentences; attend church, study the word of God, bible study, and stay in prayer. 

In Hebrews 10:25, there is a focus on the need to attend church.  In 2 Timothy 2:15, there is emphasis on the need to study the word of God; meaning whatever your pastor teaches at your local church weekly, take notes, and study them throughout the week.   In Joshua 1:8, the Lord advised us of the need to bible study; coaxing us to independently study the scriptures on our own and take notes to study and meditate on them at your leisure as well.  When taking notes, be sure you have a notebook or folder to store them so that you can go back and reference them over and over again; building up a strong foundation of the word of God in your mind and heart.  In Luke 18:1, we are advised to stay in prayer. 

At the culmination of you sticking to the protocols and you committing to this regimen, the end result will be you walking in righteousness and harvesting the rewards for doing so.   This will also bring about the big four of the kingdom, which is the manifestation of the promises of God, the manifestation of the finished works of God, achieving the prosperity of God, and receiving the desires of your heart (PSALMS 37:4 KJV).

Aren’t you tired of going to church week after week, month after month, and year after year; hearing out of your pastor’s mouth the Prosperity Message? The message that encourages you to go after it, but you haven’t gathered all  the tools yet needed to pursue it.  Areas Identified: 7 Aspects of Consciousness to a Righteous Mindset has all of the tools that you need to empower you to capture prosperity.  This is not meant to be a one-time read.  It should be used over and over and over again to help you master these protocols until the eyes of your understanding are opened to the revelation of this life-changing insight into God’s expectations of mankind.

In order to maximize what you gain from this book, give yourself four days per week consecutive or broken-up at intervals of 45 minutes or more over the course of the next six months at the minimum; studying the word of God, bible studying, reading Areas Identified:  7 Aspects of Consciousness to a Righteous Mindset, and in addition attending church for that six month period consistently without absences.  All the while, you are keeping up with your prayer life recognizing that this is your season of refinement.  This will create a paradigm shift; a complete 180 degree turn in your thinking and perspective.  This will put you on the same page as those who are trained and mature in their walk with God that bear the most fruit as disciplined citizens out of God’s kingdom.  Aren’t you ready for that kind of existence for yourself?  If so, the next step is up to you.